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By RadioARTPOP, Sep 13 2014 12:26AM

What makes Little Monsters different from any other fanbase? It must be our constant desire to inspire others and spread love! A Finland Monster named Pihla had just that in mind when she started Operation #CallMe.

In her post on LittleMonsters.com, Pihla explains how to join the project.

"Just take a piece of paper and write down two words. The [first] is the word that you don't want to be called and the other one is the word you want to be called. Make a line over the negative word."

So many Monsters have already joined the movement, including the one and only Mr. G, our grandpa Germanotta!

Big thanks to our amazing friend Laura Korf for being the first to tell us about the project. Head on over to LittleMonsters.com and post your #CallMe pic today!

By RadioARTPOP, Sep 9 2014 07:00AM

Robin Skouteris, some scattered hardstyle with Oxceranoid, some trancy/dancy Guru Josh Project vs Gaga, and finally, an extra Gaga verse not many of you know exists! Have fun!

1. Just Dance ('Dance Infinity' TFD Bootleg Remix) (Guru Josh Project vs Gaga) circa 4-2010

This one is a great mash from a little known 2010 bootleg remix album that is long since out of 'print' (and download links!), called "Lady Gaga: The Very, Very Good vs. Remixes (2010)" It featured 17 tracks of mashes of Gaga with everyone from Queen, Boney M, Madonna, and the Eurythmics. A little bit on the LQ side but back in 2010 you pretty much got what you got when remixers put out stuff, hard to ask for do overs when you can't even locate them! Very groovy track. (If you are interested in the entire LP, you can email me for a private link as you will have a tough time rooting it out of Pirate Bay or other sources, as there are little to no seeders anymore for this one)

By RadioARTPOP, Sep 3 2014 10:00AM

Presented by ChicaSkas

I'm back again this week to show you five more essential grooves for your music box, be it iTunes, phone, or Mp3 player! Once more, we will be sticking to the "one song per album" format to show you a true variety of Gaga sound.

1. Poker Face (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit) circa 2009

This has to be one of my all time favorite Gaga mixes. Great flow, great trancelike groove, sexy background vocals, and the whole thing is expertly crafted. No wonder Gaga and Interscope put it on "The Remix"! Surprisingly, not many fans today know of it unless they have the CD. Enjoy this radio edit straight from early 2009! Extended versions are available upon request or upon Googling. You can thank the remixer here!

2. So Happy I Could Die (Re-Edit by Jordan Howe) aka GGD's Candy Warhol, circa 2010

A very special track, by a very special girl... Back in 2010, a girl named Jordan Howe joined Gaga Daily.com and began posting as a fan and remixer. She was exceptionally talented, and at the tender age of 15, edited this version of So Happy I Could Die. Note the additional drums, the reference to Just Dance, and the perfectly stuttering acapella. Sadly, Jordan Howe took her own life earlier this year due to malicious bullying. She was transgendered, and only 19 years old. You may remember her, her biggest remix (Born This Way -- The Jordan Howe Megamix) was carried by PopJustice.com and E! News Live. She also briefly remixed for Beyonce. You can hear some of her work here.

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