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Get Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's CHEEK TO CHEEK here.

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BLANK SPACE - Taylor Swift


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What is this?

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By RadioARTPOP, Oct 28 2014 05:14AM

We've updated the look of RadioARTPOP's artSHOP! In upcoming weeks, we'll be out with the old and in with the new as we add a new distributor to our portfolio, so grab your faves fast or they'll be gone before you can!

Jayy a.k.a. Jayyson from Radio ARTPOP: Episode 69 is standing in as our official promo artist while the legendary Liam tackles a very busy schedule. You can see his work at the beginning of the past couple episodes of the show and in the preview above. This time next year, we hope to have more artists working together to create pieces like you've never seen before.

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, spread love.

By RadioARTPOP, Oct 27 2014 05:51PM

Welcome to a brand new episode of RadioARTPOP! Tonight we're discussing recent events and our love for The Fame Monster. We'll begin November with Born This Way as we approach ARTPOP's 1-year anniversary.

From ChicaSkas:

This week's theme is GAGAWEEN! Here are 5 lovely little tunes to get you moving and grooving to a little monster-y beat this week as you prepare for your Halloween holiday! (or Dia De Los Muertos, or housecleaning, or just your weekend!) Download now from Mega, Zippyshare, or Ge.tt.

By RadioARTPOP, Oct 20 2014 10:02PM

10-year-old Avery was left visually impaired after doctors managed to remove 70 percent of a tennis-ball-sized brain tumor that she still lives with today. Avery and her mother Christianne made news when the pair got the attention of Avery's idol Lady Gaga and were asked to meet her backstage.

The following is a statement from Christianne Fournier for RadioARTPOP and Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

I do apologize for not having the stats for the U.S., but in Canada, 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour everyday. This is an astounding number. Some may go through their whole life not knowing they have a brain tumour, and can live a great life. Brain Tumour Awareness month has become a part of my daily lifestyle.

Many do not like to talk about brain tumours. They seem to get ostracized and some see those as people that once existed, not the people who are existing. This stigma needs to be removed and people should be educated. Again, we are faced with a dilemma of spreading the word, because it is difficult to find those to listen.